From Conservation to Conversation – Rethinking Collections Care



Barbara Plankensteiner

Publisher: MARKK in Motion

Language: English

PDF: 149 pages

ISBN-13: 978-3-944-19323-6

From conservation to conversation—and from here on: to participation, inclusion, and cooperation of ethnological museums with different stakeholders of a collection—in the urban society or in the communities of origin of the former colonial regions. This book and the preceding conference at the MARKK in Hamburg indicate a new direction for the functioning of ethnological collections in the 21st century. Decolonization has been discussed in the political arena for years. But how the concrete role of a museum looks like, working to reduce its colonial baggage in practice, and what role the field of conservation plays in this process, is impressively demonstrated in this publication, by using numerous international examples. In the end, this book is the document of an admirable professionalism and passion on the side of those responsible for the project at the MARKK in Hamburg and the encounter finally took place in the digital space: The road to a successful conference was not an easy one.