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  • A compound weave employing three sets of warps and wefts, each set interlaces to form its own weave and create a distinct layer.
  • See stitch-resist dyein -(Malay) patterning on woven cloth by sewing running stitch following a design and pulling the cloth tight. The stitches act as a resist when the cloth is dyed.
  • See circular warp.
  • A basic weave structure characterized by warp or weft floats and the diagonal bindings of the warp- and weft-interlacing. There are many different types of twill (diamond twill, herringbone, etc.).
  • Weaving or cloth patterned by a regular diagonal alignment of floating threads.

  • A weaving technique in which pairs of warps or wefts are twisted around wefts or warps respectively. It is commonly used as a finishing technique at the edges of textiles. The weaver crosses a pair of wefts above and below the warp, twists them to reverse their positions, then crosses them over the next warp. This can be done simply to strengthen an edge, but it is also possible to make decorative designs using elaborations of the twining technique.