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  • A fabric made of loose, haphazardly arranged wool fibers, which have surface scales that stick to each other as a result of the felt-making process. In Central Asia, nomadic peoples live in circular tents called yurts, the roofs and walls of which are covered in felt.

  • The base material from which thread (yarn) is twisted, knotted, or spun.
  • See drawloom.
  • A warp that is not a circular warp.
  • See carpet.
  • See bast and linen.
  • Untwisted silk with a glossy and attractive appearance, generally used for supplementary weft decoration or embroidery.
  • See ground weave.
  • A type of South American weaving in which both the weft and warp edges loop around and form continuous, uncut selvedges, as opposed to two-selvedged cloths (with selvedges on the weft borders only) produced by most weavers.
  • A loom with a rigid frame around it.