Woman’s Tube Skirt (Ei Worapi Medi)

This tubular ikat cloth is worn by woman from the Iki (Lesser Palm Blossom) moiety in Savu island. The main pattern on this cloth is called patola. This tube skirt was woven by group member of the weaving cooperative Tewuni Rai at the Ledetadu Village in Mesara.

Title: Woman’s Tube Skirt (Ei Worapi Medi)

Artist: Weaver and Dyer: Luhi Bara. Iki moiety and Jewu female lineage

Creation Date: 2019

Geography: Indonesia, Savu

Culture: Savunese

Medium: Cotton, natural dyes

Technique: Plain weave, tie-resist dyed warp (warp ikat)

Dimensions: 47.5 x 161 cm (18 6/8 x 63 3/8 in)

Classification: Costumes; principal attire (lower body)

Credit Line: Tracing Patterns Foundation Fund, 2021

Object ID Number: 2021.1.KT462