Shoulder Cloth (Kain Songket Limar)

This luxurious shoulder cloth from Palembang employ silk patterned with tie-resist dyed weft (weft ikat) and gold weft patterning (brocading).

Title: Shoulder Cloth (Kain Songket Limar)

Artist: Unknown

Creation Date: 19th century

Geography: Indonesia, Sumatra, Palembang

Culture: Malay

Medium: Silk, gold metallic thread

Technique: Plain weave, tie-resist dyed weft (weft ikat), supplementary gold weft patterning (brocading)

Dimensions: 73.5 x 184.75 cm (28.9 x 72.7 inch)

Classification: Textiles

Credit Line: Gift of Beverly Payeff-Masey in memory of Gregory John Szok and Susanna Ellen Szok, 2023

Object ID Number: 2023.15.KT784