Shoulder Cloth (Kain Limar)

Kain limar is a traditional fabric produced by the Malay people in Sumatra and Malaysia. It is made using a sophisticated technique of tie-resist dyed weft, known as weft ikat. The design format echoes that of the Indian saree, but the motifs are typical of Southeast Asia. The central patterns feature floral designs in yellow, red, blue, and green on a deep purple background, peppered with star-like yellow crosses. The borders showcase an elaborately decorative triangular motif known as tumpal.

Title: Shoulder Cloth (Kain Limar)

Artist: Unknown

Creation Date: 18th – early 19th century

Geography: Indonesia, Sumatra, Palembang

Culture: Malay

Medium: Silk, natural dye

Technique: Plain weave, tie-resist dyed weft (weft ikat)

Dimensions: 89.5 x 216 cm (35.2 x 85 inch)

Classification: Textiles

Credit Line: Gift of Beverly Payeff-Masey in memory of Gregory John Szok and Susanna Ellen Szok, 2023

Object ID Number: 2023.15.KT783